São Benedito Stream Watershed

Description and Location

The São Benedito Stream Watershed (BHSB) is a sub-watershed of the Todos os Santos River, which is a sub-watershed of the Mucuri River, belonging to the East Atlantic hydrographic region, as classified by the National Water Agency. The BHSB is entirely located in the municipality of Teófilo Otoni, in the northeastern portion of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, covering an area of approximately 23 km². In terms of representation, the watershed has two well-defined sections: a rural area, which encompasses the majority of the watershed and is crossed by the federal highway BR116, and an urban area, with residential and commercial occupancy, as well as infrastructure such as the municipal airport, the automatic weather station A527 of INMET, and the Mucuri Campus of UFVJM.

The watershed is situated within the Atlantic Forest biome, characterized by a tropical semi-humid climate and an average temperature of 23 °C throughout the year. The predominant relief consists of a high density of hill ranges, the soil is classified as dystrophic Red-Yellow Latosol, and the geology is mainly composed of metamorphic rocks.

Developed by: André Maciel