Teaching activities encompass the activities carried out in classrooms, laboratories, and field visits of the curriculum units present in the pedagogical projects of the Science and Technology and Water Resources Engineering courses. These activities also involve the use of Digital Information and Communication Technologies to offer training courses for students and the local community. They aim to promote the exchange of knowledge between the university and the community within the watershed area. This will be achieved through partnerships and actions with local schools and residents' associations.


Research activities are responsible for the production and dissemination of knowledge through incentives for scientific and technological innovation. These activities will be developed with the participation of faculty members and students from undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Science outreach and culture

The science outreach and cultural activities will be developed in accordance with the current rules of UFVJM (Federal University of the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys) and also in line with the National University Extension Policy. "University Science Outreach is the educational, cultural, and scientific process that articulates Teaching and Research in an inseparable manner and enables the transformative relationship between University and Society. Extension is a two-way street, with assured access for the academic community, which will find in society the opportunity to elaborate the praxis of academic knowledge" (FORPROEX, 2015, p.15).

Developed by: André Maciel